About Referlex

We started this project in 2005, when the technology necessary to do what we do was barely visible on the horizon. But this is what happens when an attorney and a computer engineer start talking.

We live in a world where a dozen websites will help you find the best hamburger or cheapest mechanic. The resources to find a good attorney are almost non-existent. Clients will say that they have a “great” attorney, but unless they are a repeat offender or forever in litigation, their opinion is based on too few data points to be meaningful.

The metrics of measuring attorney performance are subjective. Despite these limitations, there are some metrics that we can measure. In criminal cases, we have conviction and sentencing data. In civil cases we have duration and number of pleadings. We made some assumptions, for example speed is a good thing for a plaintiff in a civil suit. We recognize that clients’ demands may skew performance, especially in the more emotional family and probate forums. But buried beneath the self-promotion and grand-standing of some attorneys, there are attorneys who perform above the norm. Our mission is to ferret those out.

We are committed to unbiased analysis. Toward that end, we do not accept advertising or membership fees. The data that you see is acquired from the States and courts that are willing to produce it. We give our analysis away for free.

We are developing premium services that we will offer to clients who wish to dive deeper. These include studies of the efficacy of summary judgment motions, and motions for recusal.


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